Big Bang Boom!!

Salam. To cheer your day, I woke up at 3. Yup, you read it right, 3 . What I did last night? Staying up late at HS cafe till 6. Hey, aku solat subuh k? Ha3!! That's not my main point, today's topic is about Big Bang Theory, not the group nor how the universe was created, but an American tv series, a funny one, though Nabil hates one of the characters. It's a story of 4 geeks living with a hottie *not "ho" Ha3!!*, and the story revolves on how they stay together, though Sheldon, one of the main characters often spoils the clique's mood. There are 5 main characters; Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Raj Koothrappali, Howard Wolowitz and Penny (I'm not sure about her maiden name). So far, it has aired for three seasons, and only few more episodes left before the third season ends. I find this show very addictive as it uses witty banters and not those cliche jokes. Each episode has its own personality and rarely interrelated. For me, that's what made this series is unique. I strongly suggest you to watch this show though it has been promoted here yet.... Hey, you can have the series from me if you want it. For the picture, on the left is Raj, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Howard. This is one of the series other than Charmed that I love the most. XD

p/s: Thanks for Jafni and Along for introducing me to this great series.


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