There's Been A Death In The Opposite House....

Salam. First and foremost, I would like to utter my deepest condolence to my neighbour's family for the death of their family backbone, or more commonly called amongst the villagers as Pakcik Man. His death has struck me more than what I can ever think of. He is slightly older than my father. He died in his sleep. Who knew his siesta would be his final and last sleep. I still can remember how frantic I was when my father almost had the same case few months ago and how my mother screamed from their room when she found out that my father's breathing is at very long intervals. And few years back, my mother had a sudden heart attack, the doctor told us that if we were to send her half an hour late, she'll no longer alive. Death has always give me the creeps no matter who, when, how or where. Last week, when my parents were attending a ceremony to accept a financial help from the Yayasan Perak, one of the attendees faint and died there. She was there to accept the money on behalf of her daughter/son. I can't imagine how her child will deal with this when studying. Her age again, is around my parents age. I have every and each valid reason to be scared. I'm very attached to my parents emotionally. Hey, I can cry for few days even over my cat. Death has teaches me a lot. How to be stronger, how to deal with the world, how to wish on the right thing, how to gain more experiences, and etc.


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