Minute details of me...

Life has a unique way of teaching us through experiences - from my perspective. There are times and things that I'm proud of, and not not so proud of. No people in this world know what I've done, other than God - I'm not and will not spill the beans. :)

I have two big problems, sarcasm is my mother tongue. I think, quite a number of people have been offended by my sarcastic tone. I know, I know, I'm sorry!! XD Next, I jenis cepat terasa, and susah nak tunjuk. Ask Mira, you'll know. Sometimes, even I can easily got offended by harsh tone or slightly higher than usual conversation tone. I have no idea why I'm so sensitive. Tapi I susah nak tunjuk, I takut org tu terasa. However, kalau I tengah marah, obvious clues - I will not talk, even if I do, not much. But, no worries, I'm not blame-all kinda person, I'm much more specific. If I hate someone, don't expect me even to talk with him/her or even look. In retrospect, I think, the last time I went amok is when one of my friends *wait, I mean archenemy* who stupidly making stupid joke about me. Wrong time, and obviously, wrong person to poke with. 5 years ago, I think.

Now, I think it is even harder for me to let it all out, cause I'm to cool. Ha3!! Nah, I'm just too considerate, people have relentless used me, and I hate it, but still I'm helplessly let others utilize me.


Bahida Abdullah Rasheeqa said...

Know what dear? Love your background so much !!!!!!!!!!!! But hate you sbb pandai pilih

mirachantek said...

yes, ask me. i know who you are, what you feel.

that's why we got each other aite, we got mutual understanding.

Syfuel Hady said...

Rasheeqa: thanx, mira bg guideline, the rest i cr sendiri.. susah woo... XD
mira: yup, we have a mutual understanding! : )

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