101 On How To Make Purrfect... *Physically* XD

I bet almost everyone on this world has something to complain about their physical appearances. Apparently, I am no exception. Most of my wishes are achievable without major surgeries, I guess. Now let me see, what I need to improvise first...

1. Hair.
- My hair is hair lice equivalent of (Amazon rain forests + KL = wild, hard and uneven terrain). My hair is not those kinda type that when is long, it will follow the gravity. I just envy those Arabian, Pakistani students, somelah, some of them really have this nice, flowy hair. Genetic i guess. Born into a Malay+Indonesian+Indian+Portugese descent, don't really give much help though. It will bunch up like clown hair, bushy and have no shape whatsoever. I always wanted hair like Jesse McCartney, or Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia or at least like Jonathan Bennet. I think the later one is the most likely achievable than the other two.

Most achievable

My mom will kill me if I have this hairdo.

My favourite, though most likely I'm already dead way before I have this style.

2. Height

- What? Some of you might be wondering. Both of my parents are rather short stature, much like my siblings, but my parents said maybe I inherited my maternal grandfather gene of height. Hmm... It skips a generation I guess. I'm the tallest among my family members, and one of the tallest among my cousins. XD Ha3!! Well, now I'm roughly 177cm-178cm (5'9.5'' - 5'10'') when I last checked back in 2008. I just want to be another 3 to 4 cm higher. Please? XD


3. Teeth
- Nothing much really, I just need some whitening I think..

4. Strong/prominent jaw line
- Born and breed with semi round face + oval, it is almost impossible to achieve this feat. I don't have specific examples, but to make it easy, I prefer to have jaw lines like Jonathan Bennett to make it simple. XD Ngee...

- I think I need a lasik surgery to alter my short-sighted sight. That's it.

- I just wish I have a healthy skin, something I lacking now.

7. Body
- Woah, the hardest wei.... My ideal look, like Ryan Reynolds or at least Hrithik Roshan? *Nak yg best ajer....hu3!!* Ngee... Not impossible, but by the time I achieved this, I'm bedridden already...

I wish... *green with envy...*

Woah..... T_T

Don't need any changes.

1.Skin complexion
- I love my skin colour, not too dark or too white. Just nice~~...

- Other than lasik, nothing much really... XD

- No complaint whatsoever.

Watch this vid, enjoy !! XD


Bahida Abdullah Rasheeqa said...

hoihoihoi you dah cukup tinggi dah ternganga i mendongak nak cakap ngn you

mirachantek said...

u dah ada perfest height dah. tinggi la tuh 178. haih

sila bersyukur dengan apa yang ada. u'rehandsome enough. just need a minor change to make it perfect... like the hair part; yes.

Syfuel Hady said...

rasheeqa: yup, i memang tak reti nak besyukur *and ber bercukur* ha3!!!

mira: thanks, my hair memang nak kena bagi shape, ayah i punya pesan, kenapalah rambut pacak2, cuba sikat ke tepi... *military style, dia ex-army* oh h*ll no....

Bahida Abdullah Rasheeqa said...

Hadi !!! You tak bosan ke hidup kat uia ni?? Jom keluar esok jom ! Cha'a and I planning nak kuar esok g Wangsamaju jehhh huhu

Syfuel Hady said...

i ada paper 15hblah dear... bosan sehh... i memang nak kuar dah hari tu, tapi xder geng... T_T

Bahida Abdullah Rasheeqa said...

Ya Allah nape tak cakap? I kua ngn cha'a je haritu best!

I ade paper gak BM kerjaya. You balik bila?

Syfuel Hady said...

Kalau nak kuar, text jer I, nanti I reply. Kalau tahu, boleh kuar sekali. I balik 16 atau 17, tapi maybe 17. Hu3!! U?

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