In Memoriam

Amira has been pushing me to write something down here in the blog, other than sometimes I'm simply too lazy to write or the internet connection was too SLOW plus with the problem that I had with my lappy's keyboard make me even more lazier to post something here. Unlike her lively blog, with sometimes simple but witty post, I don't have such capacity to write that way. Most of the time I spend my time editing Wikipedia, that's my way of writing down something.

I've been friend with Mohd Zul Helmi Bin Mohd Yusof for more than 5 years, I met him when we were placed in the same class of 4 Science 1. He's not much a talker. Quite taciturn. He has a clear discipline record, and once was elected as both Head of the class and as a prefect. Beneath his passive personality, he has this thing for driving with much speed. I only discovered it during our first class gathering when I had to take a ride with someone to go to my friend's house. I thought since he's very passive, the way he ride/drive will be the same. How much have I wronged myself. But I never expect that this will be the cause of his death. He has so much prospect in him. The day he passed away was actually 3 days after he finished his study and received the rank of lieutenant at the Kolej Tentera Udara in Kedah. And tomorrow (at the time of writing) is supposed to be the day when he is coming back for holiday. Here's the link for the news of his death: Tragedi pegawai muda TUDM

His death shocked me and the rest of my friends as it was so surprising because he was supposed to be back in few days time, and the news received only few days before Ramadhan wouldn't be easy for us since every year during Eid (Aidilfitri) we will make a small gathering where we will visit from house to house especially those from the same classes of 4 Sc 1 & 5 Sc 1. Writing this down is not easy for me, but at least I got a medium to express it. Yesterday, when the Imam read "Wahai Mohd. Zulhelmi Bin Mahani, kamu telah meninggalkan segala nikmat dunia yang sementara dan akan menemui Allah yang Maha Esa buat selama-lamanya" hit me so hard that I almost cried in the public. This morning, I dreamt of him briefly, I think I and him was in a hall where he was sitting below me, he did not say anything, but when we were going out, the setting is like it was somewhere in a Mosque.

I don't expect thousands of people to be reading this, but at least he will be remembered forever, and ALWAYS.


mirachantek said...

i dunno him but i feel you.

you know, that talkin part really struck me.
you see ive not been good of a person, YOU KNOW THAT!
and it struck me so bad that deatch can really come and take you away anytime!

i havent been good today tho..

write me something like this too, ya know, just in case..

Cha'a said...

this like.. TT_______TT

yes, me in the middle of the night (early morning act.), crying.. :'(

al-Fatihah to the deceased...

dyL_darLiNg said...

Let this be a lesson for us yang masih hidup ni. Nyawa boleh ditarik bila-bila masa. Nikmat dunia mmg sementara kan.

I cried too, eventhough i didn't know him.

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