Pengembaraan Sammy: Laluan Rahsia

Salam. Yesterday, or more accurately speaking, a day before that, I went to the movie all by myself, not because I don't have friends or what, sometimes I'm kinda need "Me" time. Me, I, and myself. So, to cut things short, I went to KLCC by Twelve sumthin', had 2 donuts from Dunkin' Donuts (Chocolate mint & Orange Chocolate) and Iced Coffee ^^, went straight to TGV on the 3rd floor, and bought ticket for Sammy's Adventure: The Secret Passage 3D for 4.00 pm. By then I have 2 hours to pusing2 while tawafing the complex.

So, now , the movie. It was a-muh-zing........ The details are out of this world!! I mean, the sand texture, the ocean, I'm dumbfounded. And the characters are so cute and funny. Oh, I forgot to mention, there were less than 15 peoples in the theater though. Mostly parents with kids ^^. With a box of popcorn in my hands, I watched the movie like a little kid, amazed by the works, touched by the storyline. The whole story was told and crafted by a 50 year old turtle, Sammy who traveled the world and experienced lots of adventures and dangers - mostly by human. It kinda one of those Green and animal awareness films. The storyline is very simple, nothing to complex or hard-to-understand. One thing for sure, the movie really give an impact to me on what we have done to the environment, some of my friends, admittedly throw rubbish simply through their windows. Come on, people, it is not that hard to walk 20-30 steps to a bin to dump those....

After that, I went again touring the KLCC, and concluded with a nice dinner plate and cheezy wedges at the KFC. XD

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