Simon Curtis

Hi. Before this, I've introduced you guys with BBT, now meet Simon Curtis, a not-so-discovered singer. He has been quite awhile in the industry. Call me homo or what, but I have fallen in love to him, wait! Scratch that! I mean his albums. XD His debut EP, Alter Boy was his first record, but failed to chart anywhere. His sophomore is a bit better, but still failed to make people talk about him. I first knew about his existence when I browse YouTube. I listened to one of his singles, Beat Drop and since forth, I love his music. His like the toned-down male version of Katy Perry. Usually I'm the kinda guy that loves Power Ballads, but since the lack of such material in airplay, I started to adopt a new genre, anything that is fun, dance or in a simple word - easy-listening. Everything about him is simplicity, even his video is SIMPLE. Don't trust me? Here:

Please be warned, that female voice of him in certain part of the song in the video is known as Falsetto. Some of you may find it kinda homo-ish, but it is very common in the industry. Few big names who do it - Justin Timberlake & Daniel Bedingfield.

The picture by the way is his EP cover. Simple guy. Great song.


mirachantek said...

adopting new genre?
try metallica.

mizah-kholil said...

i shall check him out nanti!

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

Dia nyanyi Gavin DeGraws'!!! =))))

Syfuel Hady said...

mira:ha3!! alamak dear, u know my earslah... XD
mizah: yup, you should! :P
nate: which song?

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