Yes peeps, I'm in love!!!

Wow, my last posting was back on July? Ha3!! Here's the new update, I'm in love people!! No, it is not any of my friends, but with her, Chery Cole!!

Nah, no worries, she's gonna be my madu only cause I'm still setia with my baby!!

I first knew about her from a blog, later one of my friends is in love with her song, "Fight For This Love", I admit she can't sing as good as my bini no.1 lah kan, but boy, did she Rock my world!! Sorry for saying this, but Ashley Cole, u r one stupid man for dumping her for another girl....

Yes people, if I were happen to be their man, I won't let their hands go if we went out together... ;)


mirachantek said...

err saya selamanya kan jadi baby u walaupun bini no 1 tu lebih cool dan lawa dan suara sedap

Syfuel Hady said...

Of koz babe!! I'll standy by you!!

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