English, English and yes, English.

Salam. First and foremost, I would like to scream at the top of my lungs that, "I'm Home!!!!". Well, that's rather therapeutic. Nge3... XD Today's topic is, ENGLISH. Most of us, English served as a second language if not native. Like me, I'm only interested with English when I was in my secondary school after which most of my English teachers at that time were very supportive and mind you, NONE of my English teachers were Malay to add. I find English at times a very weird language, many of the words are pronounced not by the way how it was spelt. Here is two out of a few peculiarities I've found rather interesting.

1. Certain loan words are pronounced very different to the way we think they are. Try to pronounce these words.
- Coup de Grace *found this when I was helping my friend with his work*
- Coup d'etat *stumbled in one of the National Treasure magazines*
- Facade *found in a forum*
- Fjord *found in one of the National Geographic magazines*
- Abattoir *picked from a Batman novel*
*Tips - Try to be a French with certain words. XD

*Give up? Hu3!! Here's how.
- Coo-The-Gra
- Coo-They-Ta
- Fa-Said
- Fe-yord
- A-ba-twa

2. F**k is one of the few words in English that can serve as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and also as a suffix!
- Noun - He is such a f**ker.
- Verb - *Most of you are very well-versed with this term.* Ha3!!
- Adjective - They are such f**king Zionists.
- Adverb - He is f**king great friend.
- Suffix, specifically as an Infix - Absof**kingly!

*Wow, out of all the words in those lexicons, this one particularly very much useful in terms of versatility. Ha3!!
*Trivia - The word "Effing" is the smaller brother of f**k. Get it? "F"-ing?

3.English too has quite a few words when translated in Malay can be rather long, or in a simple word - no exact translations.
- Defenestration - Killing people by throwing out them through the window. Weird huh?
- Ambidextrous - Able to use both left and right hands
- *Technical & Scientific terms.*
* Most of the technical and scientific terms are adapted into Bahasa Malaysia with Malay style of spelling.
* Many Malay words too have no exact translation into English.
- E.g: 1. Rezeki *How do you translate these statements: "Dah bukan rezeki dia." or "Jangan halang rezeki dia."
2. Gotong-royong *Translate this: "Aktiviti gotong-royong akan dijalankan pada petang ini."
3. Merisik *spying, surveying, under-cover? Ha3!!! Example: "Lelaki itu telah menghantar wakil untuk merisik gadis itu.*
4. And loads more especially words used in traditions.

p/s: If you have more, do notify me! :)


mirachantek said...

hady... i tau la u dapat A untuk Linguistics aritu....

cha'a said...

ehhh? :( i tot i'd followed u~

haha. neways, this one buat i rse x saba nk study lingstcs! :D yay!

Syfuel Hady said...

amira: mana ada a... hu3!!
cha'a: harap2, lecturer sebest Dr.Maimunah, kalau mcm yg duk tingkat 3, river view tu, lingkup kita....

cha'a said...

OMG. =.=''''

mirachantek said...

i sanggup drop class daripada hadap si press no 5 river view tu.

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