Salam. Today's post for me is rather on a serious note. First, I f****ingly hate my brother-in-law. Yup, you saw it right. He is such an effing scum. Seriously, he IS. I've been holding my grudge against him for quite a time, now I have every and each reason to throw a punch at his stupid face. It all began when he happened to be my brother-in-law-to-be back in 2005 when he was first engaged to my sister.

First reason: he was rude to his parents. Very rude. He was talking to his parents as if he were talking to his friends. I know, I'm not really a good and obedient son, but I still watched my manners with my parents. As I posted before, I rarely show my real feelings, so I'll try to fake my expressions even when I'm extremely mad at them. It is better for me to get hurt than them. My sister on the other hand is kinda girl that always says good things about her husband. I know it is good, but sometimes it is kinda obvious.

Next reason: cold. I have no idea what is his problem with me. Every time when I got back to my sister's home a.k.a his house too, he never asked how I'm doing, or how is life. Like I'm gonna ask him first if his expression is always what we say, "muka ketat".

Third reason: evading from his responsibility. In 2008, back when my sister was sick, he went out and never got back home till the next day. At that time, he was still unemployed. He quitted his work as a delivery guy for a furniture store after he was tested positive for gallstone. So, when he was sick, it was of course my sister was the one who was taking care of him. So, my sister has to juggle her time as a wife and as a worker, so she has to go back home early and nurse that hag. So, when my sister was sick, where was he? Gosh, I just wish that killing an annoying in-law is legal. So, my sister told his parents, and only by then he "take good care" of her.

Fourth reason: rude to MY PARENTS. It happened when I was going to Gombak. So, my whole family was staying at his house for a night before they off sending me to Gombak. Back then, there were my dad, mum, 1st brother and his family, 1st sister and her daughter, and my 2nd sister with that pig. So he was responsible to drive my parents in "his" Wira, from what I've heard, my parents told me that it was obvious his expression wasn't happy with him driving to IIUM and he was angry when he got lost in the university compound. Come on-lah , my parents are maybe old, but they're not blind and senile. It was obvious. My sister said: "Dia penat kerja kot...". WTF? Come on, even if you are not sincere, try to hide that expression, it's not that hard. I've been doing all the time with you.

Fifth: problem with ME. Yes, I am staying at his house occasionally, yes, I sleep late at night. I think he has complained to my parents about his electric bill. Who is this scum try to cheat? I ain't a toddler, I can read and know how bill works. So one day, I got in to their room when I changed my shirt after getting a bath. What do you know, their compilation of bills. I've checked and rechecked, none of the bills surpassed RM 50. I repeat, NONE. The way my mother told me as if the bill was RM 500. He never told me if he has problem with me, but he's using my sister as a medium to express his dissatisfaction with me sleeping late. My sister told me, "Dik, tidur awal ye? Kalau kakwa duduk sorang, kakwa tak kisah, ni kakwa dah kahwin." Kahwin to who? Of course to that scumbag! What's the problem of him with me sleeping late? Every time I go to their house, I'll rarely come empty handed. And I often help my sister with house chores. I help to clean, cook, picking up clothes from the clothes hangers, and wash the dishes. And every time before I go to sleep, I wash all the dishes. He can consider himself lucky that I'm not loud, wild or those kind of spoiled son, yang duk rumah goyang kaki. I just don't get what's him problem with me sleeping late, I come to their house, if not once every fortnight, once a month.

Sixth reason: the DEAL BREAKER. My mom is the worst person to hide her emotional feelings. I can detect her uneasiness even through the phone. So, last Tuesday night, my mom called.

Mak: Yang, bila balik?
Me: Esok atau lusa, tapi balik rumah Kakwa dulu.
Then her intonation drastically changed,
Mak: Tak payahlah balik rumah Kakwa, terus balik Teluk Intan.
Me: Kenapa ?
Mak:Tak ada apa2, balik dulu, nanti mak cerita.
Me:Sebab ayang ke ?
Mak: Tak, tak ader kena mengena pun.
The same things go on and on, until she cracked.
Mak: Bukan salah ayang, kakwa tak kisah pun, tapi lagi "sekor" tu.
She's caught red handed.
Me: Agak dah.

The conversation goes on and on with my mother repetitive "Terus balik Teluk Intan" and "Bukan salah Ayang." Later, my 1st sister text me, she said, my mom refused to tell me the truth, and she was worried if I think I was guilty. Later, she revealed that my 2nd sister found a hypodermic needle in the bathroom. There are two things with hypodermic needle. Its either you are diabetic or a drug addict. She said, when my sister asked her husband, he quickly run amok. It i kinda obvious because it was his fault, so he was trying to hide it. My sister saw a fresh scar on the fold of one of his arms. My sister immediately called my 1st sister, and according to my dad, if this is true, he ask my sister to request for a fasakh. My sister also has been confessing that the past two months her marriage is rocky and she's unhappy with it. But I still have no idea whether it has been proven, but if he is, then the end result is inevitable. If I found out she's hurting my sister physically, he's dead.


mirachantek said...

just leave it alone until things get on the edge of the cliff.

you're the adik, cant say much aite.

but i still sokong kalau apa2 jadi u nak bunuh dia : )

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

be strong weyh... im always by u k?

dyL_darLiNg said...

hoho, wanna kill him ey? i'd say right on!

Syfuel Hady said...

mira: i takut dia naik kaki tangan dekat kakak i jer, or worse takut dia bagi bukan2 dekat kakak, tak pasal2 dua2 ke dalam.
naqib: thanks dear, i know i can always depend on u...
dila: yup, he is such an as*, rupanya, masa dia balik kg ke rumah i hari tu pun dia buat hal, skang dia dah start mintak duit dekat kakak i....

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